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Make money out of the most popular cryptocurrency growth

In 2022, investors around the world will use Bitcoin to hedge against inflation as the US Federal Reserve keeps issuing fiat money. The cryptocurrency market is on the cusp of a growth supercycle. Stablecoins mass use will amplify the cryptocurrencies rising cost. Digital assets are already in the middle of a bull market.

While Bitcoin is correcting, start building a position with Invest Start!

Invest Start Bitcoin Promo Rules

Promo period: 1 May to 31 August 2022. You should deposit from $500 to $5000 into your account until the promo is over. A Bitcoin cryptocurrency trade will then be opened in your personal area. Trade amount is equivalent to the amount of your top-up. Both new and existing TeleTrade accounts can participate in Invest Start Bitcoin.

How many Bitcoins will you get?

Number of shares to be traded

Subject to the maximum gift trade size from the company, at the current exchange rate.

We use CFD price difference contracts. This means you can make money from Bitcoin growth without having to buy the cryptocurrency for its full value.

Growth prospects

Bitcoin exchange rate could hit the $400,000 mark within 12 months, Quantum Fintech Group founder and managing partner Harry Yeh told Bloomberg.

Bitcoin is one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies, and our clients are not afraid of volatility, they need to use it to profit!

If Bitcoin grows in 4 months, TeleTrade will credit a net profit to your account.

If the Bitcoin price drops, TeleTrade will make up the loss.

Invest in cryptocurrency! All risks are on us!

Want to participate?

Open a trading account

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Fund your trading account

You may deposit funds once, or in several instalments up until the promo is over.

Get your free trade

Once you have the required amount on your account, just click the Open a Trade button in your Personal Area.

Once you have the required amount on your account, just click the Open a Trade button in your Personal Area.

You can participate in the promo once! So click the button if you're absolutely sure this is your final investment amount, and you don't want to get more Bitcoins!

Double profit!

With Invest Start You can get passive income from Bitcoin investments and make money on trades by performing lot-by-lot turnover.

There are 2 stages in Invest Start:

trading lots accounting

until 31 July


from 1 to 31 August

Please see the Promo Rules for more information

We will empower you!

Along with the Invest Start offer, you will get a nice bonus.


The funds on your account are completely safe

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