TeleTrade gives you the opportunity to invest in Amazon with high return potential and zero risk.

All profits generated by the growth of this tool will be credited to the client's trading account.

Clients are fully protected from the risks associated with a fall in the Amazon value.

Invest Start Earnings

Three-years history
  • Seven unique risk-free investments
  • Over 200% potential risk-free income
  • Over 90% average total client yield
  • Five accurate predictions with high returns
  • More than half of the clients recorded
    positive results

max: 21.5%

Invest Start: Apple

01.11.2020 - 31.03.2021

max: 36.5%

Invest Start: Pfizer

01.04.2021 - 31.07.20211

max: 4.0%

Invest Start: Big Short S&P 500

01.09.2021 - 31.12.2021

max: 19.4%

TeleTrade Evening: TotalEnergies

14.11.2021 - 15.01.2022

max: 15.2%

Invest Start: Netflix

01.02.2022 - 30.04.2022

max: 21.5%

Invest Start: Bitcoin

01.05.2022 - 31.08.2022

max: 65.9%

Invest Start: Bitcoin 2.0

01.12.2022 - 31.03.2023

This is the most wonderful time of the year for gifts and investments!

Why is this your golden opportunity?

Surge in orders

With the holiday season in full swing, Amazon is anticipating a massive increase in orders, which could skyrocket its stock price.

Invest Start Amazon - the perfect combo

Get your New Year's shopping fix while making risk-free investments. We've combined the best of both worlds with Invest Start Amazon.

Secure retail investments

Our Invest Start project offers you the chance to invest without any risks, and on top of that, you get to enjoy shopping on Amazon as an added bonus!

Embrace the New Year's magic

Kickstart the holiday season with financial success. TeleTrade's Invest Start Amazon is your pathway to secure investments.

Invest Start Investing for everyone

What matters is not what strategy you choose or what investment experience you have, but that you can move towards your financial goals right now.

What exactly is an investment, do you ask?

With TeleTrade, you have the chance to invest for three months without taking a loss—even if the value of an asset declines.

Do you have investment experience?

Then you understand that risk management is crucial. Limited-risk products are the safest but are costly for individual investors. Join the promo and receive a risk-free investment from TeleTrade.

Are you an active trader?

Get in on the action and earn extra income. Only control the profits, there can be no losses.

Are you an investor?

Add a 3-month risk-free investment in the Amazon, to your portfolio.

Do you think Amazon
will drop?

TeleTrade gives you a great tool to protect your forecast from a bad outcome.

Invest Start relies on complex structured products using option strategies and hedging transactions. The company builds up and sells these products several months in advance of each promotion. TeleTrade's ability to offer secure investment strategies and risk-free investment opportunities to its clients is made possible by structured products.

28 years 28 years of TeleTrade experience are embodied in the market-unique promotion known as Invest Start.

Join the promo

in 3 steps:

Open an account

Open a trading account or use a current one;


Top up any trading account with $100 or more;

Open a transaction

Open a transaction in the Personal Area, under the Promotions section, "Invest Start".

29/02/2024 12:00

The Promotion will take place from 01.12.2023 to 31.03.2024

You can only join a risk-free investment once. Make sure that the amount in your account is sufficient to participate in the promotion.
We are online
If you have any questions, our support team is always happy to help.
Enjoy trading with TeleTrade and reach new financial heights!
  • Why is Invest Start a risk-free investment?

    Invest Start is based on complex structured products using options strategies and hedging and deposit operations, including in the cryptocurrency market. Fixed-risk investment strategies can be built using a variety of different financial transactions, and they are made available to TeleTrade clients as part of marketing initiatives and promotions.

  • Can I build a risk-free investment strategy myself?

    There are many financial products and tools in the world, in different markets, and from different financial institutions. Any client can take advantage of and form an investment strategy with a fixed-risk asset of interest on their own. However, the creation of such investment strategies necessitates registration with numerous firms and a sizeable deposit to support the strategy, which is out of reach for the majority of clients.

  • Why do I have to make a trading turnover in order to lock in profits on an investment?

    There is a commission fee associated with making any investment, much less developing a complex structured product. To help defray some of the costs associated with developing and offering a risk-free Invest Start product, TeleTrade places trading turnover requirements on the promo participants. Your costs will be much higher than the transaction fee at TeleTrade if you produce such a product yourself.

  • Why is the maximum investment amount in Invest Start limited to 5,000 USD?

    The Invest Start promotion is a marketing offer and is not a source of income for the company. Due to the external constraints of the investment strategy behind Invest Start, TeleTrade has set a limit of 5,000 USD per client so that everyone can take part in the promotion.

  • Who can join the Invest Start promotion?

    The promo action is available to all TeleTrade clients who deposited their accounts during the promotion period for the sum of 100 USD and more.

  • How much funds do I need to deposit into my trading account to participate?

    You can make a deposit from 100 USD to 5,000 USD; the maximum amount of a gift investment is 5,000 USD. If you are a new client, we will double your first deposit to take part in the Equity Boost promotion.

  • Can I use the existing account to join the promotion?

    Yes, you can use an existing trading account of any type. To participate in the promotion, you need to make a deposit of 100 USD and open a transaction in the Personal Area under the “Promotions” section. You can take part in the Invest Start only once.

  • What happens if I don't close the trade?

    If you do not click the “Close the Trade” button until the ens of promotion, your profit will be “0”. You can close the trade early if you have already completed a trading turnover of 8 lots for every $1,000 you have traded. Read more in the Promo Rules.

  • Can I withdraw money from my account during the promo period?

    Withdrawing funds during the promotion period is equivalent to canceling participation in the promotion.

  • Can I dispose of the gift asset?

    The promotion is based on structured products. This means that participants do not take ownership of financial assets, but only make money when their value changes.

  • Where can I learn more about taking part in Invest Start?

    Before you take part in the promotion, read the Promo Rules. A personal manager is always available to respond to your questions or concerns. If necessary, contact the online chat room in the Personal Area.

Together we bring a festive future with risk-free investments from TeleTrade!