For more than a quarter of a century, TeleTrade has provided its customers with access to trading on the financial market. Tight compliance with corporate service standards remains the key priority when working with customers for all companies operating under the TeleTrade brand. Their successful work in different countries over the past 15 years has been repeatedly awarded various prizes and awards by independent public and professional organizations, international exhibitions and specialized publications. TeleTrade is a recognized leader in the Forex market industry!

“Most Reliable Forex Broker 2017”

TeleTrade Group was named Most Reliable Forex Broker of 2017 as a result of the voting held on Masterforex-V EXPO Academy's website. “Reliability is the main criteria by which you can determine whether to trust broker with your money or not,” Masterforex academics noted.

"Best Broker of the CIS"

TeleTrade was awarded Best Broker of the CIS 2017 at the IAFT Awards (International Association of Forex Traders) by independent voting of over 200 thousand members of the IAFT.

"Most Reliable Forex Broker 2016"

TeleTrade was named the most reliable Forex broker by Masterforex-V EXPO. This award acknowledges our clients' trust, high quality services, impeccable reputation and our company's integrity.

"Best Analytics of Forex Brokers 2016"

The company has won Best Analytics of Forex Brokers of the Masterforex-V EXPO exhibition for five consecutive years. Throughout 2016, TeleTrade provided the best analytical services to its clients.

"Best Service for Managers"

TeleTrade became a winner of the annual award held among Forex market companies by KROUFR AWARDS-2016. Following the results of open voting, TeleTrade received the highest rating in Best Service for Managers.

"Best Broker for Beginners"

TeleTrade was awarded Best Forex Broker for Beginners by KROUFR AWARDS-2016, an annual award held among FOREX market brokers. TeleTrade received the highest rating based on the results of open voting on the Award website.

"Brand #1 in Russia"

On 18 December 2015, winners of national trust award “Brand #1 in Russia” were awarded at the State Kremlin Palace. TeleTrade Group won Forex Dealer.

"Most Reliable Broker 2015"

TeleTrade was named the Most Reliable Forex Broker 2015 according to the Masterforex-V EXPO virtual exhibition held by Forex and Stock Trading Academy Masterforex-V. This is the third TeleTrade award received from Masterforex-V Academy. In 2013 and 2014, the company had already been awarded Academy's Best Forex Brokers Analytics for quick analytical content of the highest quality provided to financial market participants.

"Financial Literacy and Openness"

TeleTrade was awarded Consumer Rights and Service Quality for the second year in a row. Our company has won Financial Literacy and Openness in the Financial and Dealer Companies category. The award ceremony was held on 10 July 2015 in Sochi.

This award is one of the most prestigious in the field of manufactured goods and rendered services quality.

Leading domestic and foreign companies with their goods and services marketed in Russia become its nominees and winners.

"Best Forex Broker for Beginners"

TeleTrade has been recognised as Best Broker for Beginners by KROUFR. TeleTrade offers comprehensive information and analytical support to its clients in dozens of countries around the world.

"International Star for Leadership in Quality"

TeleTrade team in the Spanish region received an International Star for Leadership in Quality award at the 19th International Convention of the World Congress of Business Initiative Directions (BID) held in Paris on 28 June 2015. The BID is mainly focused on spreading quality culture in top companies all over the world. It is currently the number one non-governmental institution awarding prizes for the quality of company management. The convention is part of annual BID programmes aimed at recognising the achievements of companies, institutions and entrepreneurs worldwide.

TeleTrade's award and participation in the convention have once again proved the high quality of services provided and further strengthened the company's position on the financial market.

"Best Analytics of Forex Brokers 2014"

In December 2014, TeleTrade was awarded Best Analytics of Forex Brokers 2014.

The award is given annually by the MasterForex-V Expo Academy leading educational project to the companies providing quick analytical content of the highest quality to financial markets participants.

"For the Quality of Brokerage Services Offered"

On 27 June 2014, TeleTrade received an award for the Quality of Brokerage Services Offered.

This award is one of the most prestigious in the field of manufactured goods and rendered services quality.

Leading domestic and foreign companies with their goods and services marketed in Russia become its nominees and winners.

"Best Standard Forex Broker 2013"

The Best Standard Forex Broker 2013 award was given to TeleTrade at the 12th ForexShow exhibition, an event held annually in the United Arab Emirates. The award received means that the highest quality of TeleTrade service standards are now recognised not only in Russia and Europe, but also in the Middle East and North Africa.

Therefore, TeleTrade's business activities are highly praised on almost all continents of the world.

"Most Trusted Forex Broker 2013"

On 14-15 November, TeleTrade was awarded Most Trusted Forex Broker 2013 at the 12th ForexShow exhibition in the United Arab Emirates.

The award celebrates TeleTrade's high credibility among the clients on the Forex market in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Most Trusted Forex Broker 2013 award is a good reason to announce that TeleTrade high-quality services are now recognised much more widely by the international financial community.

"Best Forex Broker Analytics 2013"

MasterForex-V Trading Academy, officially recognised as The Best FOREX Educational Project in Europe and Russia for four years in a row awarded TeleTrade the Best Forex Broker Analytics 2013. The award was given to TeleTrade as the winner of the general rating of brokers providing analytics of the foreign exchange market and stock exchanges.

"Financial Market Expert 2013"

On 5 December 2013, TeleTrade received an award at the Stock and Financial Market Leader 2013 international competition established by The Banker.

The vote was carried out during a month; the most professional and reliable companies offering a wide range of services and unique innovations became winners. It is interesting to note that TeleTrade was among the winners of the contest for the second time in a row.

The award acknowledged TeleTrade's achievements, status as the industry leader and professionalism of its team. The company possesses unique knowledge and international experience, which it has been sharing with its clients over the years by teaching them how to analyse the situation on the financial markets to generate profit and to know their way around the field.

"Best Analytics of Forex Brokers 2012"

On 20 December 2012, Masterforex-V Academy closed an open vote it had held for a year and published a list of winners in each nomination. TeleTrade is named an expert in financial markets for a reason: with its 19 years of experience on financial markets, the company is busy with holding conferences, seminars, round tables and other events in many countries worldwide; during these, professional successful traders, investors and analysts share their experience with participants.

Following the vote taking place in Masterforex-V Academy's rating, TeleTrade was recognised as the best company providing analytical services on the financial market.

"Expert of the Year in Financial Markets"

On 21 November 2012, winners of All-Ukrainian Leader of the Stock and Financial Market 2012 contest were awarded; TeleTrade was among the nominees.

The competition is organised by The Banker international magazine in order to publicly recognise the most significant achievements of Ukrainian financial institutions.

The contest hosts made it their mission to introduce the public to reliable financial structures of Ukraine that deserve the trust of business and society. TeleTrade received one of the highest awards, “Expert of the Year in Financial Markets” given for the first time ever.

Company of the year on the financial market according to the professional award "Ukrainian Financial Olympus"

On 16 November 2012, TeleTrade became a winner of the Ukrainian Financial Olympus professional award in Company of the Year on the Financial Market.

In order to make the decision, they factored in financial results for the period from 2011 to the 2nd quarter of 2012 (quarterly, semi-annual and annual accounting data), public information about company activities, expert assessments of industry specialists, as well as information from professional associations, financial stability, industry reputation and fulfilment of obligations towards clients.

According to the experts, TeleTrade absolutely deserved to receive this award since it is the best company under all criteria.

"Employer of the Year" in Popular Recognition Rating

On 7 December 2012, TeleTrade was awarded Employer of the Year during the 12th award ceremony of the Southern Ukraine Popular Recognition rating held annually.

Over 300 applications to participate in 37 nominations were received.

The popular jury recognised TeleTrade as the best company in employment and career growth.

This recognition means that Ukrainian people thought highly of our work; after all, TeleTrade was named best according to the popular rating.

"Forex Broker of the Year 2012"

On 24 November 2012, TeleTrade was awarded Forex Broker of the Year at the Financial World Awards ceremony.

Financial World Awards is a professional contest hosted to identify financial companies as well as individuals in the financial industry who have shown leadership in the past year and set high standards used as a benchmark by investors and consumers. This is a supreme award given to financial market participants: commercial banks, insurance companies, private pension funds, asset management companies, investment companies, stock exchanges and financial companies.

National Award "Company of the Year" - nomination "For Creating Employment Opportunities"

On 27 November 2012, TeleTrade was awarded Company of the Year in the Created Employment Opportunities nomination during the National Business Award ceremony.

This award recognises TeleTrade's reputation in the Russian business community as one of the most rapidly growing companies which annually increases the number of jobs provided and makes sure to constantly improve working conditions of its employees.

We would like to point out that TeleTrade has won Company of the Year award for the third time in a row.

FOREX Expo Awards 2012 — Best CFD Broker

On 3 November 2012, TeleTrade was awarded Best CFD Broker 2012 at the Moscow Forex Expo 2012, an international forex exhibition. The winner was chosen by an open vote.

"Financial Elite of Russia 2012" - "Employer of the Year on the Financial Market - Forex" and "Company of the Year in Forex Education"

On 14 June 2012, TeleTrade won Financial Elite of Russia 2012 in two categories at once: Employer of the Year on the Financial Forex Market and Company of the Year in Forex Education.

Financial Elite of Russia has been given for almost 10 years to companies that have achieved outstanding success in finance. Only companies that meet the following requirements can be nominated and awarded: good reputation on the financial market, strict compliance with Russian legislation in financial markets and zero claims from their regulator, financial supervision authorities or tax authorities.

Forex Expo Awards 2011 - Best Forex broker in Russia and the CIS

On 18 November 2011, TeleTrade was awarded BEST Forex BROKER IN RUSSIA AND THE CIS at the annual international Forex EXPO exhibition. This implies that, following the result of counting votes of professional market participants received by jury over the past 10 months, our company was selected the best Forex broker in Russia and the CIS countries.

National award "Company of the Year" - "Reputation and Trust"

On 21 November 2011, a “Company of the Year” National Business Award was held. TeleTrade won in Reputation and Trust.

For the second year in a row, our company has become a winner of the Company of the Year award, which is one of the most prestigious awards among representatives of domestic business.

Forex Broker No. 1

On 9 March 2011, Global Forex Awards (GFA), an international independent organisation gave TeleTrade the highest award for its achievements in the field of brokerage services: Forex Broker No. 1, during a ceremony held in the Austrian city of Vienna.

Over seven months, the GFA Expert Council evaluated companies nominated for this award. TeleTrade became a winner and received a Forex Broker No. 1 award for the best performance under all criteria: number of TeleTrade affiliate offices (coverage network), market experience, development dynamics, service level.

GFA comprises representatives of informational and analytical agencies, publishers and Internet websites with the activities directly related to financial markets.

National award "Company of the Year" - "For Reliability and Stability" nomination

In 2010, TeleTrade became a winner of prestigious “Company of the Year” National Award given annually for the most significant achievements in business. TeleTrade won a Reliability and Stability special award. It is presented to companies pursuing the most transparent and responsible policy relating to their clients. This award is one of the most significant recognitions of TeleTrade's achievements by independent experts.

Forex Expo Awards 2010 - Broker of the Year

In 2010, TeleTrade was named Broker of the Year during the Forex Expo Awards 2010 ceremony. This is the highest honour for a company operating on the foreign exchange market. Forex Expo Awards is a professional contest where everyone can vote for the best Forex brokers in 15 nominations.

Forex Expo Awards 2010 - Best CFD Broker

In 2010 TeleTrade received a Best CFD Broker award for providing adequate conditions for trading with CFDs and quality of customer service. This award was also given to the company at the annual Forex Expo Awards. The winner was chosen by open voting held for 10 months.

Forex Expo awards 2009 - Best Standard – Forex Broker

In 2009, TeleTrade was awarded Forex EXPO AWARDS 2009 in Best Standard–Forex Broker. The award was given to our company following the results of an open online vote. The prize and commemorative certificate were awarded at the largest annual international Forex EXPO exhibition held in Moscow.

"Best Company of Europe in the Financial Industry"

TeleTrade is named the Best Company of Europe in the Financial Industry. This prestigious award was established by the Europe Business Assembly, an international social partnership corporation from Oxford, UK.

The award was founded in order to encourage leaders of commercial institutions to use in their businesses resources and methods of international recognition and quality in customer service, market competition, international standards for company management, etc.

The prestigious award was given to TeleTrade “for its dynamic improvement and high-level services offered on international financial markets”.

"European Quality"

"European Quality" international award was given to TeleTrade in 2004. The award was founded by the Europe Business Assembly, an international social partnership corporation.

This prize is awarded to companies and their managers for their dedication to achieving high quality of products or services to comply with European standards.

TeleTrade was awarded a European Quality prize for the continuous improvement of level of the service provided to client, implementation of an additional quality control and start system.

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