Exclusive offering

TeleTrade presents a unique offering—TeleTrade Accruals—available to all our esteemed clients. This product is crafted to aid you in maximising your revenue and attaining financial stability.

With TeleTrade Accruals, you gain the advantage of earning supplemental income that blends stability and high returns, courtesy of the top interest rates in the market. Ready to discover how TeleTrade Accruals can revolutionise your financial future?

Calculate your potential earnings
Initial investment:
1000 $
0 $
10 000 $
25 000 $
35 000 $
50 000 $
Investment period:
3 months
Amount at the end of the term
Income on account
TeleTrade Accruals Conditions
Passive Interest
4.5% per annum in the currency of your account
  • Applicable on all trading accounts, with the exception of Swap Free or No Swap accounts.
  • Interest is calculated daily and payments are disbursed monthly.
  • Let your funds work for you, generating a steady stream of income.
Active Returns
24% per annum in the currency of your account
  • Available to clients maintaining a balance of $1,000 or more.
  • Nominal charge of 2% is levied each calendar month.
  • Earnings are automatically credited to your active trading account.
  • Trade actively and capitalise on the opportunity to earn additional income.
TeleTrade ACCRUALS Advantages
Regardless of your investing experience, our products cater to all skill levels.
Our 28-year track record in the global financial markets enables us to present exclusive offers, unmatched elsewhere!
With daily and monthly settlements, your earnings are readily accessible at any given moment.
No intricate investment strategies are needed. Simply engage in active trading to generate income.
We uphold transparency and fairness, with no hidden fees or charges. Our terms and conditions are clear and straightforward.
Managing your finances, your way!
Take charge of your finances while benefiting from the industry's most competitive interest rates. TeleTrade Accruals empowers you with control and assured profits, accelerating your journey towards financial milestones.
Elevate your financial status with TeleTrade Accruals and start maximising your earnings today.
How to elevate your income with TeleTrade Accruals
Open an account:
  • Sign up, open an account, or use your existing one. Automatic participation in the TeleTrade Accruals program is guaranteed.
  • Ensure to fund account with over $1,000.
Enjoy Passive Accruals:

Earn a steady income of 4.5% on the balance of your free funds in your trading account.

Start trading:

To earn an additional annual income of 24%, engage actively in financial market trading. Initiate by opening positions that align with your investment strategies.

Follow the criteria for Active Returns: Ensure your trading turnover is at least 4 lots for every $1,000 at the start of the month.
Get Active Returns:

If you have been actively trading during the billing month, the company will charge you 24% per annum at the beginning of the next month.

We're always online
Our customer support team is always there if you have any questions or need assistance.
Enjoy trading with TeleTrade and achieve your financial goals!

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