Contract number:
Risk: 3
Account type:
Trader's commission:
Volatility of daily yield

All time 6.41%

Last 14 days 5.4%


Cur. drawdown 20.42%

Max. drawdown 27.23%


Max. daily profit 12.01%

Avg. daily profit 4.35%


Max daily loss 17.61%

Avg daily loss 2.99%

Recovery factor -0.38
Sharpe ratio -1.6
1 months
Basic information

Account type NDD

Trading tactics
my strategy is based on the correlation between two characters. After years of experience and using my strategy, I am listing the positive aspects of the success of this type of operation. - non-directional trading, regardless of where the markets are moving - cover positions and managed risk - economic news does not affect strategy the prices we see while working, the trends we follow are often manipulated in favor of the banks... for this reason, among all the existing strategies, I have studied this strategy in depth year after year, manipulations do not affect this type of operation, I use them in their own interests
Additional information
- minimum deposit reccomended 5k for low risk money management - minimum recommended copy trade time: 1 month - recommended monthly withdraw, also possible weekly

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